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Dxpshop EMS is an E-store management system that helps you to manage your deals / coupons on Dxpshop easily, EMS is used only for the local vouchers category.

How can I add my deals through EMS?

You can add your deals through EMS by following the below steps: Tap on ‘Menu’ & select ‘Add deals’ Enter your deal Name & select relevant category Enter your deal’s highlights in bullet points Enter the description to make your deal attractive Set the price & enter the stock Upload your deal’s image & tap on ‘Submit’

Campaign Products and Participating in Marketing Campaigns

Campaign products are those SKUs that have been put on sale or promotion by the seller and are displayed on the campaign page Upcoming promotions are available on the Seller Center Homepage. You can also find promotions by clicking on the 'Promotions' tab and then “Campaign Management” on Seller Center Homepage.

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Mian Naveed is the founder of DXPSHOP.COM.PK, achieved 100% sales growth due to hard work

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Sumair Khan is a project Manager based in dxpshop office. He is an expert in dxpshop Advanced organization practices. Since joining Sumair Khan in 2015, he has served clients in a wide variety of industries, including heavy industrials (shipbuilding, steel and electric systems) and consumer products. He has extensive experience in corporate strategy, including full potential strategy, new business strategy and global expansion strategy. He also has led organization and corporate culture projects addressing change management and organization transformation.

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